Arambagh Vivekananda Academy (No-15540)

The primary motto of the school, Arambagh Vivekananda Academy, is to prepare the budding children for a better, a more prosperous, a more prospective future for all the classes of people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.


  • Effective Schooling of the kids
  • Physical, Intellectual and all-round development of the children
  • Practical and purposeful education
  • Education with utmost care, love and understanding
  • Fostering moral and ethical values
  • Sense of Discipline, Duty and Dedication as well as Strength of Character
  • Preparing for Job Opportunities by bringing the best out of each child
  • Unfoldment of the latent talent of the keen learners
  • Encouragement of self-learning with the least external help in stead of spoon-feeding and cramming
  • Proper Man-making Education
As dedicated to education services, we have built up two premises to ensure the right grooming of the young buds. Amidst green grasses and nicely maintained trees and plants, we allow them to remain close with nature. They are adequately spacious. Morning Section: Only Nursery & Primary stage Newly built three storeyed picturesque building near Arambagh Boys’ School Day Section: Nursery to Class XII Section Basantapur Sports Complex, Ward No: 11, Near Arambagh Railway Station
Our school is located at Arambagh, the booming town of district Hooghly. We have arranged all modern facilities and amenities to create a perfect educational ambiance to impart the right kind of training. We have got plenty of computers to keep the students aware of the latest technologies. Smart Classes are not a dream to our children but a reality.
A CBSE School Arambagh Vivekananda Academy | Supported by Skill Hut